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Best-in-Test 2014 finalists: Data acquisition

Best-in-Test 2014 finalists: Data acquisition


Very soon we will get to know who has managed to win Best-in-Test Award annually held to announce innovative developments worthy to become the best in test and measuring world. Winners will be rewarded on January 29 in Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA, USA.

Here are the winners in category Data Acquisition.

USB-2405 4-CH 24-Bit Dynamic Signal Acquisition Module, ADLink Technology

The USB-2405 four-channel USB 2.0 dynamic signal acquisition module offers a built-in IEPE excitation current source that provides 2mA on each analog input channel. Applications include microphone and accelerometer measurement in vibration and acoustics.

The USB-2405 supports four analog input channels simultaneously sampling up to 128kS/s with 100dB dynamic range and -94 dB THD. Built-in anti-aliasing filters automatically adjust cutoff frequency to the sampling rate, suppressing out-of-band noise and avoiding measurement distortion. The USB-2405 also supports auto-calibration for ensured accuracy and minimizes temperature drift with maximum gain drift of 11ppm/°C, 50% of the maximum available market performance.

The module also provides a built-in DDS (direct digital synthesis) that generates a programmable sample clock with superior frequency resolution, enabling resolution of 3x10-4S/s. It supports external digital/analog triggers with trigger modes including post, delay, middle, gated, pre-trigger, and re-trigger.

The USB-2405 provides lockable USB to enhance connectivity, and the included multi-functional stand fully supports desktop, rail, or wall mounting. Software support includes Windows XP/7/8 and compatibility with LabVIEW, MATLAB, and Visual Studio.NET.

ADLink Technology

U5303A PCIe 12-bit High-Speed Digitizer with Custom On-Board Processing, Agilent technologies

The Agilent U5303A is a compact dual-channel PCIe Digitizer with 12-bit resolution, sampling up to 3.2GS/s, and on-board real-time processing in a small footprint. It has DC-to-2 GHz bandwidth, 9.1 ENOB at 100MHz, 58dB signal-to-noise ratio and and an eight-lane PCIe 2.0 interface. As a result, the U5303A is the ideal 12-bit digitizer for systems in commercial, industrial, aerospace and defense applications. Uses include medical imaging, environmental monitoring, analytical time-of-flight, ultrasonic nondestructive testing and radar.

The U5303A gives users the ability to integrate advanced real-time signal processing within the embedded Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA, using the Agilent U5340A FPGA Development Kit. This software kit provides interfaces that leverage the full density and speed of the FPGA while ensuring the digitizer’s outstanding level of performance at multi-gigasamples per second.

Agilent Technologies

BTH-1208LS Wireless Multifunction DAQ Device with Android and Windows Support, Measurement Computing

The BTH-1208LS from Measurement Computing allows Bluetooth™ communication in a multifunction DAQ device. It offers short-range wireless data acquisition to a compatible host device (Android-based tablet, phone or mini-PC, or Windows-based PC). The BTH-1208LS can also operate as a physically-connected USB device. Demo apps for the BTH-1208LS are available for free from Google Play.

Key highlights:

  • Acquires data over Bluetooth or USB connection
  • 1kS/s sampling over Bluetooth, 50kS/s sampling over USB
  • Eight 11-bit SE or four 12-bit DIFF analog inputs
  • Two 12-bit analog outputs
  • Eight digital I/O
  • One 32-bit event counter
  • Digital triggering
  • Battery or USB power options

With the BTH-1208LS from Measurement Computing the world of portable, Android-based measurements is a reality – adding more computing options and lowering the cost of DAQ.

Measurement Computing

NI cDAQ-9188XT CompactDAQ Rugged 8-Slot Ethernet Chassis, National Instruments

The NI cDAQ-9188XT was designed for distributed/remote measurements in harsh conditions, which lets engineers in industries such as automotive, aerospace, or defense defense acquire data in rugged settings. The hardware can withstand temperatures ranging from -40°C to 70°C, 50g of shock and 5g of vibration and is Class 1 Division 2 and EX hazardous locations. These features make NI cDAQ-9188XT the most rugged measurement system in the NI CompactDAQ platform to date.

Engineers can protect their tests and equipment with the new onboard watchdog timer, which can set the outputs of the device into "safe states" in the event of a system fault or failure.

The NI cDAQ-9188XT can acquire data from dispersed locations away from the operator. A single NI CompactDAQ chassis can measure up to 256 channels of electrical, physical, mechanical, or acoustic signals by combining more than 50 sensor-specific NI C Series I/O modules with patented NI Signal Streaming technology. The chassis is compatible with NI LabVIEW system design software. Users can choose from a wealth of signal-processing libraries and user-interface controls for data visualization and analysis.

National Instruments

Relio R3 Solid-State Rackmount Computer, Sealevel Systems

The Relio R3 is a 3U, solid-state rackmount computer designed for I/O intensive data acquisition applications. Based on the COM Express architecture, the system provides scalable computing power with choice of Intel i7, i3, or Atom processor combined with 18 expansion slots for adding analog, digital and serial functionality. A PCIe expansion slot is also included. Standard features include dual Gigabit Ethernet, four SeaLATCH locking USB 2.0 ports, three serial ports, DisplayPort video and audio interfaces. The system includes a 7-in. color touchscreen LCD on the front panel for convenient system configuration and intuitive operator interface.

I/O expansion modules include:

  • 8 x Isolated Analog Inputs
  • 6 x Isolated RTD Inputs
  • 6 x Isolated Thermocouple Inputs
  • 8 x Isolated Analog Outputs
  • 16 x Isolated Digital Inputs
  • 16 x Isolated AC Digital Inputs
  • 16 x Isolated Relay Outputs
  • 8 x Isolated Relay Outputs

Sealevel’s SeaMAX software suite supports the R3 I/O and is designed to work with application software via the SeaMAX API. Software drivers and utilities support Windows operating systems with Linux support also available.

The R3’s COM Express design allows easy technology migration as processor technology evolves. As a result, users can refresh the performance of the R3 over the life of the product and concerns over product obsolescence are eliminated.

Sealevel Systems

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