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The problem of accounting is recognized as the main obstacle of development of electric power engineering

The problem of accounting is recognized as the main obstacle of development of electric power engineering


In October 21-22 in St. Petersburg took place a conference «Measurement & measuring instruments of electric power in Russia and the Baltic nations». The low quality level of accounting was named the main obstacle of the development of uncontrolled market of electricity – it turned to it after the end of the existence of Russian joint-stock company “Integrated Power System of Russia”.

More than 200 representatives of the largest companies were the participants of the conference. Among them there were producers of measuring instruments and integrated solutions, generative and network companies, operations staff of commercial accounting.

The following tasks that face selling and network companies identified as the main ones: creating of conditions for normal functioning of the market, reduction of costs for maintenance of energy department and lowering the level of losses.

The stimulation of consumers to economy is also very important.

The realization of this tasks, by the opinion of speakers, is impossible in conditions of lack of prompt and exact dates of resource consuming.

“No accounting – no market!” – announced the general director of Enel in Russia and CIS Domenic Fash.

Energy intensity of Russian economy, due to his words, is 4 times higher than the similar indicator in Italy or Denmark, what is connected first of all with insufficient control of consumption.

More than 50% of electricity supply meters used in home sector do not meet the modern requirements of accuracy and are characterized by low security clearance from unauthorized access – these data naned in his speech Alexey Ljahov, independent expert.

The similar situation carry lack of accounting of the substantial part of produced electricity, and, as a result, big finance instability of the market.

System approach of resource consuming is needed – only it allows to solve the nost problems in this sector – noted Tatiana Kisljakova, sales director and marketing of Russian representative office of company Kamstrup. – Having a huge expertise of organization of accounting of thermal energy in Russia, now we are thinking about entering the power industry market. Similar to the sphere of heat supply, the main problem of relation between great quantity of market participants is calculating track of definition of volumes of consumption because of lack of quality means of measurement.

Order and Quality of organization of commercial calculation of electricity depends on some factors. First of all it’s lack of normative affirm rules, which can provide the transparence of relations between subjects of markets. It’s necessary to cooperate in such special conference.

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