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News from CES 2010


At press conferences new developments were presented not only by the world’s leading persons of international companies, but also by their partners. For instance, TVs of Samsung were presented by CEOs of DreamWorks and Technicolor companies.


Etón Company ( presented Etón SCORPION. This multifunctional device can be used everywhere as it can be charged from power network, solar battery as well as with the help of manual charging “dynamo-generator”. Device’s design is noticeable due to its dynamic colors. Despite the main function, the charger includes a radio and lantern, all these can be fixed with a latch hook, and it serves for easing a traveler’s life.


The presented technology is analogous to already employed technology in new multimeters of AKTAKOM family. 21st of November 2009 was announced a new multimeter ŔĘŇŔĘÎĚ ŔĚ-1081 ( ) which can work not only from batteries but also from built-in accumulator, which can be charged with the help of manual built-in dynamo generator. Exceptional functional capabilities of the new product allow to name the new multimeter as a “smart” one. The “Smart” function automatically recognizes and turns on a required operating mode whether it is measurement of DC/AC voltage, wire identification or capacitance measurement. Also there are such functions as autopolarity device, automatic shutdown and overload indication.

Panasonic press conference started with a speech of the company president which was transmitted in a real time from Osaka (Japan). The president introduced a new manual HD 3D format video camera. The development of TV technology in HD 3D format is the major direction of Panasonic’s work.


The importance of 3D format for the modern media market and implementation of this format into home TV was presented by Jon Landau, the Avatar film producer. The film has already collected 1 billion of dollars. By the way, almost half of the most successful films in 2009 were produced in 3D format. Panasonic Company believes that this technology can be easily transferred into home facilities. For this purpose, Panasonic suggests a complex solution: a camera, a line of TVs, and Blue-ray DVD player-all in HD 3D format.


In July 2010, in the USA, Panasonic, together with DIRECTV Company, is planning to organize a direct TV in this format. About such development plans reported Executive Vice President of DIRECTV Eric Shanks.


Another interesting trend of performance capabilities of Panasonic TVs is their integration with software. It is planned to integrate TV with Skype technology. About these integration possibilities reported Josh Silverman – ŃĹÎ of Skype Company. It was noted that such integration technology will be widely adopted by businesses.

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