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Free Technical Online Seminar “Non-Volatile Memory - Characterization and Measurement Techniques”

Free Technical Online Seminar “Non-Volatile Memory - Characterization and Measurement Techniques”


“Non-Volatile Memory - Characterization and Measurement Techniques” online seminar will discuss and provide examples on the common characterization and measurement techniques for various NVM technologies, including FLASH, PRAM, ReRAM, and FeRAM. This webinar will also provide an overview of improvements in standard instrumentation that provide pulse source and measurement with a single instrument that measures the current and voltage simultaneously while applying multi-pulse waveforms to a memory device or material.

Seminar Content

The search to replace FG NAND and fast development of alternate non-volatile memory (NVM) technologies, such as Phase-Change memory (PCM/PRAM), Ferro-electric memory (FeRAM), Magnetoresistive memory (MRAM), and Resitive memory (ReRAM) is currently underway. Advanced characterization capabilities are critical for success of any new technology. Despite a significant variety in memory technologies, all of them share the need for the same type of characterization, such as transient switching behavior, endurance, and the need for dynamic current measurement.

Target Audience:

This seminar is recommended primarily for NVM test engineers, researchers, and test engineering managers, but it will be useful for any engineer or researcher/student in the NVM field.

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About the Presenter: Alex Pronin is a lead applications engineer with Keithley Instruments, Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio and has been with the company since 1996. Alex holds a Master’s Degree in Physics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and a Ph.D. in Material Science from Dartmouth.

When ist it?

Europe: Thursday, November 17, 2011
15:00 CET Central European Time
(UTC/GMT: 14:00)

How Do I Register?

Find more information here

For this event the registration is required.

You will receive confirmation and log-in information prior to the event.

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