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From plug connectors to electric motors – the entire range of power electronics at electronica 2012

From plug connectors to electric motors – the entire range of power electronics at electronica 2012


Efficient power electronics not only contributes quite considerably to saving energy, it is also the key technology for electric drives, the generation of energy, and being able to supply electricity to meet demand. Market growth is correspondingly positive. While power semiconductors generated 16 billion US dollars in sales in 2010, according to IMS Research, volume on the global market is expected to increase to 24 billion US dollars by 2015. Exhibitors at this year’s electronica will present a number of innovative solutions, covering everything from plug-in connectors to microcontrollers.

Power electronics for the industry

Phoenix Contact is introducing new PCB connectors for use in the smallest imaginable applications at electronica 2012. The compact terminal blocks can be connected without using tools. The new connectors are rated for up to 600 volts (V) and have a current-carrying capacity of up to 41 amperes (A) with 7.5 mm pitch. Among other things, the PCB connectors are used for power inverters in photovoltaic systems.

The company is also presenting its new M12 plug-in connector for transmitting power in manufacturing plants in the automotive industry, chemicals industry and process engineering. For the first time ever, it makes it possible to supply equipment with 12 A/630 V alternating current and 12 A/60 V direct current. Despite its high performance ratings, the M12 is designed to ensure that existing larger connectors can easily be replaced without having to modify the existing system’s design.

Modern electronics for modern automobiles

Power electronics plays an increasingly important role both in automobile manufacturing and in the automobile itself. Reducing power consumption in particular is one of today’s key challenges. At the same time, networks and quantities of data continue to become increasingly complex. Renesas Electronics is presenting its new RH850/F1x series of 32-Bit microcontrollers (MCUs) with low power consumption and improved performance. Above all, their automotive-network and data-encryption functions have been optimized. The new MCU family is extremely diverse, ensuring extensive scalability for us in low-end to high-end applications.

Power-electronics experts at the automotive Forum

The use of modern power electronics in the automobile will also be the focus of a panel discussion on power electronics in the automotive Forum on November 15th (11:00 o’clock). Panel members include Robert Bosch from Fuji Electric Europe and representatives from Heraeus Materials Technology, Infineon Technology and STMicroelectronics. Besides the panel discussion, there will also be several lectures on this topic in the automotive Forum: Nunizio Abbate from STMicroelectronics will report on the requirements that power electronics must meet in motor vehicles in the future. And Dr. Martin Ritter from Robert Bosch will discuss “Technology Trends in Power Electronics for Future Mobility”. An up-to-date schedule for the automotive Forum is available online.

Source IMS Research : Wachstum/58814/2

All information about electronica 2012 is available online at

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