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Electronica 2008: day 3

Electronica 2008: day 3


In spite of cold rainy morning we still have a good mood. Cheerful colors of booths and friendly advertisers met numerous visitors of exhibition Electronica 2008.

Texas Instruments Incorporated announced the new CC430 technology platform – demonstrated for the first time at Electronica in the TI booth in Hall A4.420 – offering the industry’s lowest power, single-chip radio-frequency (RF) solution for microcontroller- (MCU) based applications.

In his statement at press-conference Gregg Lowe, Senior Vice President TI, Analog announced that the mainstream of the company is the development of medical equipment, which is based on reliability and state-of-the-art technologies.

His college Brian Crutcher, Vice President, Advanced embedded control TI has gave a detailed account of the new processor ŃŃ430 and demonstrated the device on the basis of new processor, by means of this device it is possible to measure the temperature wireless. For many medical applications smaller is better. That’s why the devices on the basis of new processor are of far-reaching importance.

It’s always crowded near the booth of the company Tektronix. Tadeusz Asyngler, Application engineer introduced to the visitors a new software for oscilloscopes of the line 70000.

On the stand the visitors could see the brand new of this year. The company is going to introduce it at November 18, 2008. Follow our publications!

The Russian system GLONASS is supported by the company Pendulum. The device GPS-12RG is a rubidium frequency standard, which is working in two systems GLONASS and GPS.

The company Keithley Instruments, Inc. announced some new products this autumn. Among them there are measurement sources of the range 2600A.

It’s universal combination logging tools, combining in single device precision multimeter, programmable power supply with embedded electronic load, pulse generator, providing current-voltage generator mode, allowing to carry out integrated testing of electronic devices (for example, measuring the current-voltage characteristics of semiconductor devices), or simulate the current pulse action or voltage to the testing item.

The distinctive feature of the device is the high gaging speed (up to 20 000 of dimensions per second). Electric isolated from each other input channels with the opportunity of multiplexing of 32-64 channels and capability of measurement synchronization accurate within 05 microsecond.

The Series 2600A is Keithley’s newest version of its award-winning SourceMeter Instrument platform. It is a proven platform that combines a precision power supply, true current source, DMM, arbitrary waveform generator, V or I pulse generator with measurement, electronic load, and trigger control – all in a single instrument.

The dual-channel Series 2600A is available in a remarkably compact half-rack, 2U form factor and, for automated test applications, provides the industry’s highest SMU rack density. It is powered by a new digital measurement engine that provides significant improvements in measurement performance:

  • Measurement speeds of up to 20,000 readings/second, enabling the instrument to characterize device performance parameters that are out of reach for slower instruments
  • Electrically isolated channels, which allows the user to combine multiple channels in order to expand the I-V ranges beyond what a single channel can provide
  • A 400X improvement in precision timing compared to previous SourceMeter Instruments, to less than 0.5 micro-second channel-to-channel synchronization, for more tightly controlled test conditions
  • High capacitance mode to test devices with capacitances up to 50 micro-farads
  • Parallel test capabilities to run up to 32 tests simultaneously (up to 64 channels); all SMU channels can synchronously or asynchronously run the same or different tests on any number of channels in the system
  • Improved output noise performance to protect sensitive devices from damage

Klaus Leutbecher, Europe Director of Keithley kindly gave a small interview to our magazine. You can find it in December issue of our magazine.

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